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Killer Casting

Nov 23, 2020

Lisa goes all-in on Fargo Season 4, waxing rhapsodic about the first episode's incredible prologue, the structure, the casting, the costumes.

But Brian is not having it … and he’s a bit grumpy about the do's and don'ts of mafia cannon.  

Dean as usual, pulls some rabbits out of his hat, with observations neither Lisa nor Brian noticed !

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Fargo Season 4 Trailer

Available in the US on Hulu and in Australia on SBS On-Demand

Chris Rock interviewed about Fargo on GMA

Quick 5 minute interview on ET Canada

The evolution of behavioural profiling in crime fiction 

Interview with Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris ... his first in 46 years !

Interview with the OG of Criminal Profilers John Douglas 

The scene that got Dean all foaming-at-the-mouth for his cold intro ...