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Killer Casting

Jan 27, 2021

Since released in January 8 2020, this French language thriller/action/heist/fantasy has taken the world by storm. 70m households in two weeks ! Bigger than The Queen's Gambit or Bridgerton ? .... Sacre Bleu !

Your regular recappers Lisa, Brian and Dean are on board to step you threw Series 1. Series 2 is 'coming soon' according to Netflix.

If this ep whets your appetite, you can dine on these morsels as well.

Review at The Guardian

Review at the New York Times

As mentioned in the pod, this original stories written around the true of the 20th century have been updated repeatedly in France. But in 1974 Japanese Director Hayao Miyazaki (later of Studio Ghibli/Spirited Away fame) produced an animated take on the character !  Trailer here

Lead of Lupin, Omar Sy became a star in France for the amazing 'Intouchables' Here is that trailer 

Courtesy of our listener Ren, via SpeakPipe, here is the info on her recommendation 'Money Heist', also available on Netflix.
The show on Netflix
(Meta-alert)  1 hr Documentary on success of the series

If you really wan to get you Eurotrash binge on, check out this list of Top 11 (not a typo) International shows to stream right now, yes RIGHT now.

Brian mentions that the character Lupin has "A very special set of skills". Well that particular phrase, means Dean needs NO further prompting whatsoever, to revisit this classic clip from The Graham Norton Show.  Seth McFarlane doing his impersonation, of Kermit the Frog, doing his impersonation of the Liam Neeson phone call from the action thriller ‘Taken’ If you have not seen this it’s a SERIOUS ‘Coke alert’

And finally.  The modern day man described as ‘The Gentleman Thief’ in today’s world. Apollo Robbins

His INSANENLY jaw dropping  TEDx Talk. 


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