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Killer Casting

May 3, 2021

Allo, allo, allo mes amies!! The Bureau (Le Bureau des Legendes) is Lisa's latest obsession and it will be yours too -- with some of the best acting to be seen anywhere. The show combines a delicious mix of espionage, suspense, psychological thriller, love story, with an interlocking web of unforgettable characters.

The series centers on a Bureau of French Intelligence where experienced agents are coming back from long missions abroad...and newbie agents are training to go out for their first time undercover assignments. We get to know these operatives so intimately -- their strengths, their eccentricities and their flaws -- as well as their "handlers" who work behind the scenes to keep them safe. Starring Mathieu Kassovitz (who Lisa last remembers seeing as the nerdy boyfriend in "Amelie" with Audrey Tatou") as weary and lovelorn agent "Malotru". 
To help Lisa breakdown Season 1, she invites her good friend and amazing director Tom Keegan, real U.S. Intelligence Agent Anthony Patton AND the actual Casting Director of The Bureau Season 1, Herve Jakubowicz!!! 
Here is the full trailer for Season One.