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Killer Casting

Jun 23, 2021

The three of hosts had to keep a tight leash on our inner gibbering idiots today because THIS was the day we go to chat with Creator/Writer/Actor Scott Ryan about his unbelievably awesome show Mr Inbetween. This short series of out takes is just to whet your appetite for the full hour long version coming just as soon as we can. Also watch your feed for our interviews with Nic Cassim whose performance as Rays brother Bruce is simply heartbreakingly beautiful. Then (yes there is more !) joining us will be the amazing Damon Herriman who plays club owner Freddy in the show but also of course known internationally for his work on the series 'Justified and his recent projects with Quentijn Tarantino and Said Fincher.

Phew !  It's a packed program kids.  Buckle up !

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