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Killer Casting

Jul 14, 2021

Brian and Lisa have a virtual snuggle via Zoom as they settle in to record their live reactions to the MUCH anticipated series finale of the brilliant Mr Inbetween.

Can The Batman and Robin of Scott and Nash stick the landing ?  Or will we get a 'Sopranos' ? (Only, please god ... not a Game of Thrones, anything but that ...  😱

The pair were only slightly bothered by a 10 second time difference between their respective viewing platforms. But Dean was a little more impacted, since his parents chose to live on the wrong side of the planet facing the sun and had to settle for a solo viewing some hours later ... albeit with home cooked Aussie Dim Sims ! (No they are NOT pot stickers!)

The team will be all back together tomorrow for a fully detailed   recap on the finale and the series.

AND as we have already spilled the beans, we are indeed having Director NASH EDGERTON over for virtual-lunch on Friday, so we'll drop that interview on the weekend, for your listening pleasure.