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Killer Casting

Dec 18, 2021

Lisa sez; "I don't GAF about who the next James Bond might be,  I don't even care about what's-his-face, who is about to retire from playing the current Bond ... change my mind"

Deano is joined by extreme film nerd Paul Francis Sullivan and famous (infamous ?) Producer, Adam Spiegelman to dive into the past and present Bondiverse to try and bring Lisa on board. Do we succeed ?  Well [you know this is coming] you'll have to listen to find out! 

Along the way, just like Jefferson Airplane, Paul will ‘feed your head’ with amazing, heretofore unknown Bondian nuggets. Adam has some inside Hollywood goss and Dean just tries to keep up … with varying degrees of success. 

In this ep, the boss also lets us all plug our OWN pods ! (OMG)

Adam has his hilarious pod covering the best worst films of all time. ‘Proudly Resents’ (That is BIG vertical) You can expect this pod to run forever. 

Paul Francis Sullivan has the insane baseball pod 'Locked on MLB' where during baseball season  he puts out …

One episode per month ?  ... nope.  

One episode per week ? ... nope. 

One episode per FREAKIN DAY PEOPLE !  ... and in the off-season his is till jonesing on off-season news, collectibles  ... you name it. So his  pod will likely not finish until our sun goes supernova and envelops the earth, or he shuffles off this mortal coil ... whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, in another life Dean  is a scuba diver/cavediver/freediver and co-convenor of one of the world's biggest diving events. Listen in to the Ozdive Podcast which is replaying previously unheard presentations from the world's top explorers, hyperbaric geeks, historians, divers, film makers and all sorts of n'er do wells  in scuba, cave and technical diving and world class freedivers. Take a deep breath and dive in ! 

And of course when not casting everything under the sun in Hollywood, or blessing us with her godly presence on our humble little pod, Lisa is the founder, co-producer, co-presenter  of a teeeeeeensy weeeensy little true crime pod known as ‘Real Crime Profile’ I think if you google it, you may get a hit or two. Here let me help you 

Oooooh … not far til Christmas now folks !