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Killer Casting

Mar 25, 2022

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Aaaand away we go !  Lisa tries to put aside her 'Oscars 'Schmoscars' eye-roll over the awards .. especially as she is now an official card carrying MEMBER of the academy !  (Don’t believe us ?  … just hang around for 10 minutes, she’ll drop it … don’t worry.

Lisa and Dean are joined today by Oscar savant Paul Thomas Anderson !   No wait .. that’s not right … 

Sorry, that should read  ‘Paul Francis Sullivan’. Paul and Dean, (well briefed by Lisa) delve into the unusual format of an Oscars review which is predicated on all the Best Picture nominees rated by the quality of their casting. Paul and Dean are all over it, as you will hear.

This is one of three parts, yes THREE! So buckle up and as Curtis Mayfield said; “people get ready” coz there’s lots more comimng from whence this came.