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Killer Casting

Apr 4, 2022

This episode comes to you today with thanks to our new friends at Plantiva. Learn more at and use the promo code KC25 to get 25% off your next order !

The idiot savant team are back! Dean and Paul are flying solo (well that doesn’t actually make sense does it ?)  Let’s just say without Capt. Lisa as pilot-in-command.

The boys cover off on their favourite Oscars moments, what worked .. what didn’t … Paul reviews his favourite part of any Oscars, that being the ‘In Memoriam’ section … which has been done well  … and done in appalling fashion, depending on who is driving that section in any given year, how did it fare this year ? Well, hit Play to find out that and a whole lot more !

Riz Ahmed's beautiful speech 

Dianne Warren's frosty re
action to Billie Eilish winning Best Song at the Oscars. 

Steven Spielberg keeps his seat for Godfather   

Maybe Francis will make Steven of aoffer he .. meh, you know.