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Killer Casting

Oct 20, 2022

Beautiful, breathy, kittenish, dizzy, bombshell, blonde. So many words can describe Marilyn Monroe and never really capture who she was…or who we think she was. Was she a spoiled, vain, ambitious starlet who played men as easily as she did the ukulele in “Some Like It Hot”? Or a sad, traumatized victim, ever needy, ever wanting for approval, never finding the respect she craved, the child she yearned for nor the man she really loved.

The movie “Blonde” starring Ana de Armas directed by Andrew Dominik adapted from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, seems to be certain of the latter. Lisa and Dean sit down with master acting teacher Terry Knickerbocker — who coaches some of Hollywood’s most compelling actors like Sam Rockwell, Daniel Craig and Emmy Rossum — to ask what he thinks of the film, of the performance by de Armas and why the persona of Marilyn Monroe has become so iconic, and such a Mount Everest, much like the role of Hamlet, that so many actresses want to climb. Join us as we break it all down.

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