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Killer Casting

Sep 9, 2022

When news broke that actor James Franco had been cast as Fidel Castro in the indie film "Alina of Cuba", a lot of people had A LOT to say about it. Some people (like actor John Leguizamo) were appalled, and some (comedian Bill Maher) were appalled that people were appalled.

So why is authentic representation in film...

Jul 12, 2022

“The Bear” is so authentic in its depiction of the dysfunctions of the restaurant industry, Lisa and Brian (both former servers) had PTSD watching it. But watch it they did!  We have a lot to say about the acting, story and soul of this wonderful FX/Hulu Original show. 
#InTheWeeds #jeremyallenwhite #beyondshameless...

Jun 9, 2022

We got a show ya can't refuse...all about THE OFFER series streaming on Paramount +, the behind the scenes take on the making of The Godfather movie.

Some iconic characters come to life brilliantly in the show, despite some fast and loose re-telling of the facts.

Our good friend Patrick Gallo is a delight as Mario...

Apr 16, 2022

Lisa, Dean, Matt and Mj resume their coverage of the brilliant Apple TV+ production Severance. Soak it up peeps !

Meanwhile, here are some links to help you binge on yet more goodies, now that the series finale has aired.

In a marketing masterstroke, Apple Books have released a faux expose book by a fictional woman...

Apr 14, 2022

What show has been mesmerizing Lisa and leading her to an existential crisis? Why the Apple TV series "Severance" developed by Ben Stiller and starring a full on flex of a cast making major pivots in what you have ever seen them do before.

Lisa and Dean wrestle the mic from each other to extol the crap out of the...