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Killer Casting

May 3, 2024

The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” written by Scottish comedian Richard Gadd based on the true story of a period in his life when he was stalked by a woman whom he gave a free cup of tea while working as a bartender in London, has been burning itself into the eyeballs and psyches of millions of people. Lisa was fascinated by the hit show’s unflinching honesty, style, structure and incredible performances by both Gadd and Jessica Gunning. Joining Lisa and Dean to break it all down is another incredible actor, David Rysdahl. You may remember David from this season’s “Fargo”, playing sweet “Wayne” the husband of Juno Temple’s “Dot”. His other credits include “Oppenheimer”, “Black Mirror” and he is currently shooting Noah Hawley’s new “Alien” series in Bangkok. 

David shares his reaction to “Baby Reindeer” and the aspects of Gadd’s character “Donny Dunn” that he identifies with. David performed for years in New York as a clown and was part of the “alt” comedy scene. We talk about Hollywood predators, the insecurities of fame…and so much more. Join us for the conversation.

You can read Dawn Glen’s insightful article about “Baby Reindeer” here:

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