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Killer Casting

Mar 5, 2024

📍Well look who took time out of his busy schedule coaching A-List actors like🤩 Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams, Kerry Washington, Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek and Austin Butler to sit down with Lisa and talk about the craft of acting, 🎭 the Oscars 🏆and also the new edition of his book 📖 “Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft”, none other than legendary acting teacher Howard Fine!  Howard and Lisa gab about all kinds of things that are on their minds these days about process, technique, and elements that help make actors better at their art. Howard gives all kinds of nuggets of wisdom and shares stories about working with A-list actors on their award-winning performances.

You can get a copy of Howard’s book here. It is truly a must have resource for any actor or any acting teacher.

Want to study with Howard or his master teachers? Check out his programs here:

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