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Killer Casting

Nov 28, 2020

On today's episode covering Fargo Season 4 we bring in the big guns!

To help provide a better understanding of the landscape surrounding the African-American elements so intrinsic to this season, Lisa, Brian and Dean are joined by Assistant Professor Douglas J. Flowe from Washington University in St. Louis -- and Dr. Flowe bring with him some TRUTHS and helps us see the significance of the many characters and themes in the show.  We stick to covering Ep 1 - Ep 5 with only a couple of spoilers....

Douglas Flowe's research is primarily concerned with themes of criminality, illicit leisure, and masculinity, and understanding how they converge with issues of race, class, and space in American cities.

His new book released in 2020 is titled ' Uncontrollable Blackness: African American Men and Criminality in Jim Crow New York

Read Doug’s bio here 

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