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Killer Casting

Dec 7, 2023

Hosts Lisa Zambetti and Dean Laffan dive into 'Insolubilia’. Dot’s confrontation with Gator goes down pretty much as expected, but how is she going to explain her way out of a burned down house, an electrocuted husband and a pesky State Trooper who is convinced she is the gas station ninja angel who saved his life? And how did she get Wayne and Scotty to go up into the attic in the first place? Lisa and Dean pick it all apart including the significance of all the Nightmare Before Christmas symbology. Cue the disastrous consequences of trying to become something you are not and desperately trying to change the world into what you want it to be. Will Dot’s philosophy she imparts to her daughter Scotty work?: basically “If we can’t see the bad guys, they can’t see us? If we don’t talk about them, they don’t exist? ” And Lisa has to shout out the extraordinary work of David Rysdahl’s “Wayne” who’s layered sweet, sad vulnerability as the hapless husband gives this hard candy show the soft center it doesn’t want to need. Join us! 

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00:35 Discussing the Episode Title

06:28 Discussion on the House Invasion Scene

15:06 Sheriff Roy Tillman's Monologue

17:51 Dot's Philosophy and Survival Strategy

19:33 State Trooper Wit's Investigation

20:22 Analyzing Film Techniques

20:41 Character Analysis: Lorraine Lyon

21:19 Exploring the Use of Audio and Video Overlap

22:01 The Power Dynamics in the Show

22:28 Lorraine's Reaction to Family Crisis

22:57 Hospital Scene Analysis

24:49 Dot's Manipulation and Gaslighting

28:07 FBI Investigation into Sheriff Tillman

37:36 Sheriff Tillman's Visit and Confrontation

41:42 Final Thoughts and Predictions

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