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Killer Casting

Dec 14, 2023

("The Tiger" aka The Power Suit Episode)

Helping them cover Fargo Season 5, Episode 5, Lisa & Dean are thrilled to be joined by special guest Scott Winant, a two-time Emmy award-winning director and producer who has worked on high-profile shows like Breaking Bad, True Blood, Yellowjackets and …Season 1 of FARGO! (How many people get to say they’ve directed Key and Peele as FBI Agents? Well Scott has!) Scott shares his unique insights on the Fargo series given his former director of photography was none other than Dana Gonzalez who directed this week’s episode “The Tiger”.  As usual, we dissect the cinematic choices, the wardrobe (Lorraine and her intricate power suits), the unfolding origami of the story and the showdown between our two favorite villains. 

We also take a moment to remember the wonderful actor André Braugher who sadly we lost this week. Scott directed him in the pilot of “Men of a Certain Age” and shares his remembrance of this powerful performer. 

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The Rundown:

01:13 Discussion on Scott Winant’s Career and Projects
02:17 Scott's Insights on the Changing Industry
02:55 Scott's Family Background in the Film Industry
03:59 Remembering Andre Braugher and Discussing 'Men of a Certain Age'
06:53 Scott's Experience Directing 'Fargo' Season 1
15:14 Discussion on Character Wardrobe and Set Design
21:21 Discussing Juno Temple’s “Dot” Character
21:40 Lorraine’s Ambition and Power
23:54 “We Audition” Advertisement
24:55 Anticipating Lorraine and Sheriff Tillman's Confrontation
27:18 Lorraine's Meeting with Deputy Olmsted
28:40 Dot's Protective Instincts
28:47 The Wizard of Oz Theory
29:56 Dot's Relationship with Wayne
32:15 Dot's Escape and Deputy Indira's Dilemma
36:09 Final Thoughts on the Episode