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Killer Casting

Dec 28, 2023

Just in the St. Nick of time! Whilst we are still enjoying our “twixtmas” haze on the couch lounging around scrolling for something fun to watch with family and friends before the New Year is upon us and we are back from holiday break (if you were lucky enough to have one!) here is THE DEAN’S LIST of holiday movies to enjoy before all is said and done.

Dean has listed from “Nice” to “Naughty” his recommendations of Christmas movies to watch, starting with his favorite classics, moving to the the “middle” era of holiday fare, on through some worthy Christmas musicals to be on the look out for as well as “Christmas ADJACENT” films set at the holiday time, wrapping up with some truly dark and twisty takes on Santa. Add these to your queues and enjoy. 

In this episode, hosts Lisa and Dean Laffan discuss a wide range of Christmas movies, from traditional classics to alternate, horror, comedy and Christmas-adjacent films. They delve into films like 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'Die Hard', 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas', 'A Christmas Horror Story', and 'Bad Santa', among many others. They also chat about some obscure choices such as 'Tangerine' and 'Violent Night'. The conversation also includes Lisa's reluctant watching experiences and Dean's detailed reviews and recommendations.
Here is the Run Down:
01:00 Family Switch Movie Review
04:39 Four Christmases Movie Review
07:51 Muppet Christmas Movie Review
08:28 Elf and Scrooged Movie Review
09:08 A Christmas Story Live and Christmas in Connecticut Movie Review
11:22 Discussion on 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
12:28 Opinions on 'Miracle on 34th Street'
12:48 Christmas Adjacent Movies: 'Die Hard' and Others
16:43 Alternative Christmas Movies: 'A Christmas Horror Story' and More
20:31 Christmas Slasher Movies: 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and Others
20:52 Unique Christmas Movie: 'Tangerine'
21:47 Conclusion and Sign Off

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