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Killer Casting

Dec 28, 2023

Life is a dream, well at least for Dot much of this episode IS which causes Lisa and Dean to have MANY thoughts about the story telling conventions that Fargo Season 5, Episode 7 is putting us through. We are on the road with Dot (Juno Temple) as she desperately searches for the one person she thinks can help her stop Sheriff Tillman (Jon Hamm) , that being his first wife, the mysterious Linda. (Kari Matchett) We’ve been speculating all season, where is Linda? What happened to her? Is she dead? Is she also hiding under a false identity with a new family? Or is she a sensibly dressed, pseudo cult leader-therapist of an all female domestic abuse survivor commune living in an alternate Linda-verse? Join us as we discuss all the revelations in this topsy turvey ep. 

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