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Killer Casting

Feb 24, 2024

Lisa woke up this morning realizing she is WAY behind on her Oscar nomination watching! Like, she has only seen “Barbie”. So to psych herself up to watch all the rest of these performances for all the Best Acting awards at least, Lisa sits down with Oscar savant Paul Sullivan, who has seen EVERY best picture nominee...

Feb 21, 2024

She IS awake ! ... and so are we! 

Well folks it is time for all one-eyed polar bears to make their way off to that ice cave for a big long snooze, because Issa, Jodie, Kali, Finn and team … including Fiona ( I gut coyotes and polish my rifles on New Year’s Eve for fun) Shaw are delivering us from the darkness of...

Feb 13, 2024

Well that was unexpected ! Issa and crew certainly delivered a shock ending. Farewell Hank ... thanks for the cool tune on the way out.

Lisa and Dean cover off on all the aspects you'd imagine ... and some you wont expect.

Peter and Liz have worst New Year’s Eve ever (though it must be said, it was even worse for...

Feb 8, 2024


Are Rose, Liz and Eve actually seeing these ghosts or is it a mental illness ?

Is it Danvers or Navarro that executes William Wheeler ?

Has Hank accepted his inner Catfish?

Will Liz and Ted find an even MORE uncomfortable ways to have sex ?

Where do all these tropical oranges come from in the Arctic tundra...

Feb 2, 2024


One day you are an actress in Los Angeles, grinding away, trying to get that first TV co-star credit, fast forward through some bloody, sweaty and tearful years and BOOM you are STARRING in a feature film for Lionsgate that you...