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Killer Casting

Dec 8, 2020

Dive in with us as we go deep into Joe's career, beginning with his  outstanding performance in the classic 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' the 'based a a true story' of a boy genius chess player and how his father struggles to come to terms with his son's gift.

Joe stars and is alongside other superstars such as Sir Ben Kingsley, John Allen, Laurence Fishbourne, William H Macy and Laura LInney.  

Joe reveals some awesome behind-the-scenes aspects of the making of the film, such as the scene where both the real life Josh and Vinnie make a surreptitious appearance. Meanwhile  Brian and Lisa get their Mamet AND Pinter on big time.

Not an eps to be missed and only the first of THREE consecutive episodes with the wonderful Joe Mantegna.

Enjoy the heck out of this one and share with your friends !