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Killer Casting

Jun 30, 2021

We delve deeply into these action-light, but setup, super, SUPER heavy episodes.  Ray's world is closing in around him.  

Ray is pushed into a reflectivemode by the circumstances of his life ... choices and ghosts he made long ago are coming for him. How will it all end ? Maybe he really WILL see the bikie President in his dreams ... ?

Tonight (at time of posting this, episode 7 goes out, so there are only two more episodes to tie it all together.  WTAF! ?  

Who could possibly do this ?  Well, Scott Ryan of course. And STANDBY for the drops next week of our interviews with Nic Cassim (Bruce) Damon Herriman (Freddy) and with Ray Shoesmith himself Scott Ryan. (Cunningy timed to whip you into a MRIB frenzy)  
Will Gazza survive?  Will Ray survive ?  Does Britt work him out and if so, what does that cost Ray ? Will Rafael be Ray's overlooked nemesis ?  What happens to Freddy ?

What does the future hold for Ray ?  (if he even has one) 

All these questions ..  and more will be answered first by Scott ... and then dissected by us.  AND we want your feedback and questions !  Message us via the BRIB Facebook page
Or use or audio recording widget to send as a question in your own voice and we'll play it on the pod.