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Killer Casting

Jul 3, 2021

Please consider donating to research for a cure to this fatal disease. is a GLOBAL body dedicated to finding a cure for MND aka ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease.

The word 'rare' comes to mind here. You can put all of the following in that categor;. Scott Ryan, Nash Edgerton, Mr Inbetween Ray Shoesmith ... and it is impossible not to also include actor Nic Cassim's performance as Ray's brother Bruce who in the series is afflicted with Motor Neurone Disease.

This same disease is know some places in the world as 'ALS' and in the US particularly as 'Lou Gehrig's Disease.

We dive into Nic's incredible performance, his process and the time he played a clown in kids hospitals .. no for real ! And we of course discuss all things Mr Inbetween 

Finally although Nic's performance is fiction, sadly this horrible disease is not. Average life expectancy from diagnosis is barely 2 years. It is 100% fatal and there are ZERO medication or treatments to prolong life. PLEASE consider donating to which was founded by Aussie Rules legend Neale Daniher, himself a sufferer of MND. Scott Ryan confirmed to me that Neale was the inspiration to write Bruces character with MND. 

We are sure you will enjoy this interview ... and coming right up are Damon Herriman (Freddy) and Mr Inbetween himself ... creator, writer, actor, Scott Ryan.