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Killer Casting

Sep 23, 2021

Lisa sez: "Cut the cord peoples!"

Brian sez: "Don't forget your animated options"

Dean sez: "Whats a Hulu?" 

Your intrepid reporters from the global resources of the vast Killer Casting Network (KCN) deep dive what is currently keeping them, up way too late, bed-less, bingeing and burning bits & bytes ("But honey ... just one more episode .... PUHlease ?")

Lisa gives a big plug for Reservation Dogs (well she WOULD wouldn't she, coz she was part of the casting team for the pilot !) But hey ... charity starts at home, right ? Also you can hear her thoughts on; The Handmaids Tale, a crazy Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers , Y The Last Man, Patton Oswalt in Marvel's animated 'Modok'. But wait ! #notdoneyet ... she also gives shoutouts to 'The Great' with Elle Fanning and Nic Hoult, Alex Garland's 'Devs', The TV re-boot of Nic Hornsby's 'High Fidelity' starring Zoe Kravitz, the sexy/sad Brit offering of Normal People' and the adapted-from-the-podcast 'American Crime Story: Impeachment' covering the Clinton/Lewinsky saga.

Brian has been on an animated tear (That's 'tear' ... not 'tear') so he sketches out why you should watch Solar Opposites from Justin Roiland the creator of Rick and Morty and lays out the result of the love child between Kiwi geniuses Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi .. that would be the vampire mockumentary comedy 'What We Do in the Shadows'

Dean (with no Hulu in Australia) raids his tagged items in the Aussie-based Stan Disney+ and  Binge platforms to come up with the gripping British crime drama 'Vigil'. He also likes The White Lotus and is rewatching the classic Working Dog Productions' razor sharp satire 'Utopia' (which is scarily accurate to his corporate day job)

Dea) WAS going to search up all of the trailers for these shows, to save YOU the trouble, but has decided he cant be arsed and you can do it yourselves. So on that note ... we'll see you on the socials!